VIPChain is a blockchain-based enterprise Project fund management platform

VIPChain is a blockchain-based enterprise Project fund management platform.It is committed to building an efficient, fast and convenient information-match decentralized platform for enterprises and investors. For investors, we will give the same amount of VIP chain, investors can use these VIP chain to purchase the products and services provided by all financing projects in the platform. For enterprise,on the one hand,VIP token can be used to offset the fund service fee of the platform ,on the other hand, it also can be used for the token mortgage value-added service.

  • Construction of renewable resource recovery platform

    Turn waste into treasure and recycle renewable resources to solve urban environmental problems.
    Based on my practical experience in the paper industry for more than 20 years, I proposed to establish a cloud trading center

  • Smart safe travel platform project

    Eliminate security risks, for your travel escort
    Travel safety risks in life may appear at any time and in any scenario. Safety has become our most basic and important concern when we go out.

  • Home sharing platform project

    Make home furnishing innovatively and create furniture sharing platform whole-heartedly
    We will integrate manufacturers and merchants, create an online and offline furniture platform, integrate all kinds of home decoration and home furnishing

  • Shared office space project

    With lower trial and error costs, is this Shared space right for you as a startup?
    Set entrepreneurship and innovation, communication, resource sharing, entertainment and leisure, additional business development, reduce the trial and error cost of each start-up or individual.

  • Global Intelligence Platform for Film and Entertainment Industry

    Movie Vein Achieves Billions of Values and Creates a Wonderful Movie Age
    From 2017 to 2020, the annual composite growth rate (CAGR) of China's film and entertainment industry is expected to be 8.8%, higher than the global average of 4.4%.

  • Factory aquaculture project

    Ten years of technology and experience, focusing on shrimp breeding
    Compared with livestock and poultry protein, aquatic protein meat is more tender, in addition to providing protein and amino acids, but also rich in vitamins and minerals, more conducive to human health.

  • Tibet white meat ganoderma project

    The Snow White ganoderma lucidum is planted in Tibet and the industrialization management is developing on a large scale
    The production technology of the project white ganoderma lucidum has been mature

  • Guangdong special food and beverage project

    As the vancouver food storm hits, it's easy to grab your taste buds
    Most of our r & d and production teams are chefs with vancouver food and beverage culture. They are executive chefs and other important positions in the

  • Ten thousand mu of pomelo industrialization construction project

    Staggered listing peak, ten thousand acres of pomelo take the initiative
    With the development of modern agricultural technology, the emergence of a large number of out-of-season fruit, so that

  • Live broadcast the construction project of the academy of fine arts

    How should aesthetics be popularized? Is there a new breakthrough?
    A team is working hard to popularize aesthetics. In order to satisfy more people's thirst for knowledge about art, it perfectly

  • Liver protection and liquor solution project

    Protect liver to dispel wine hairdressing raises colour, a bottle of ferment can solve
    There are nearly 500 million people drinking wine in China, and the daily dinner party has become an inevitable way of

  • Rural complex project

    One area receives much, new energy and new agriculture combine wonderful
    Guided by the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the project drives the large-scale development of planting, breeding and leisure circular agriculture with the construction of wind, light, gas,

  • What are the investment and financing methods

    Investment and financing refers to the general term of investors, sources of funds and investment methods. Enterprise financing mainly has the following two financing methods: endogenous financing and exogenous financing.

  • What are the investment and financing channels

    Mainstream financing channels include: non-bank financial institutions such as Banks and corporate bond issuance, small loan companies, supply chain finance companies and guarantee institutions.

  • 百万级大数据库
    What is investment financing platform

    Investment and financing platform is a third party service platform to help enterprises, individuals and units solve investment projects and financing information.

  • 更懂投资人
    What are the investment and financing platforms

    Investment and financing platforms mainly include local financing platforms, government financing platforms, third-party financing platforms and online financing platforms.

  • Multiple forms of financing

    Bond financing equity financing finance lease supply chain finance...

    Multiple forms of financing

    Bond financing
    equity financing
    finance lease
    supply chain finance

  • Multiple financing objects

    State-owned enterprise/central enterprise project, listed company project, real estate project, excellent industrial and commercial project...

    Multiple financing objects

    State-owned enterprise/central enterprise project
    listed company project
    real estate project
    excellent industrial and commercial project

  • Multiple financing channels

    Financial institution asset management company fund company supply chain finance company ...

    Multiple financing channels

    Financial institution
    asset management company
    fund company
    supply chain finance company

  • More than one professional investment and financing services

    Professional investment and financing team more than one professional customized investment and financing services to create personalized investment and financing activities

    More than one professional investment and financing services

    Professional investment and financing team
    more than one professional customized investment and financing services
    to create personalized investment and financing activities

  • Guangxi bee products series project
    100% raw honey, strictly control the quality of bee products

    Established in 2017, the cooperative is dedicated to bee breeding, bee product packaging and product sales, and aims to let people eat 100% genuine raw honey.

  • Xinjiang fresh B2B platform project
    Fresh, healthy and convenient experience - your home vegetable market

    China's agricultural products have a market size of more than 3 trillion yuan, and 80% of them are realized through the B2B wholesale market. Therefore, the e-commerce business mainly focuses on fresh agricultural products and meat products

  • Real estate leasing information service platform project
    Make renting a home as easy as shopping

    As China as a whole is entering the era of housing inventory, the operation mechanism and logic of the real estate market have changed a lot, and the trend of "heavy purchase and light rent" is gradually changing.

  • Anhui New Financial Leasing Platform Project
    "Financing Lease +" Model Set sail

    Since 2010, China's per capita disposable income has steadily increased, while the national savings rate has continued to decline, and residents'consumption concept has changed from a conservative type of savings consumption to a positive type of ahead consumption.

  • Sichuan agricultural comprehensive platform
    Break the dilemma of planting industry, do Internet + agriculture

    At present, it has invested more than 1 million yuan, obtained the management right and transfer certificate of more than 100 mu of land, completed the infrastructure construction, and some sectors have started operation.

  • Home sharing platform project
    Make home furnishing innovatively and create furniture sharing platform whole-heartedly

    We will integrate manufacturers and merchants, create an online and offline furniture platform, integrate all kinds of home decoration and home furnishing materials, and provide home decoration and home maintenance services.

  • Sichuan poetry town development project
    Comprehensive development of leisure agriculture in sichuan poetry town

    The comprehensive development project of leisure agriculture in xichang poetry town is to make full use of local resources, combine with the national rural revitalization policy and rely on organic agriculture to create a tourism combining health maintenance, old-age care and research.

  • Catering Internet financial service platform
    Vertical service Internet finance helps the catering industry

    A large number of small and medium-sized businesses occupy the majority of the catering industry, and they have a large stock and increment of demand for small loan business. In the context of the Internet, financial services, value-added services.

  • Guizhou roxburgh rose cultivation and deep processing project
    Develop wild mountain fruit, let roxburgh rose into the streets

    Roxburgh rose is a precious wild resource unique to yunnan-guizhou plateau. It is commonly known as roxburgh rose because of the dense small flesh spines on its skin.

  • Suzhou e-marketing customer service robot project
    Subvert the AI products of customer service e-commerce industry, and select accurate customers

    What their team will do is to widely apply voice marketing services such as product business or service promotion in various industries, and subvert the leading AI products in the customer service e-commerce industry.

  • Tianjin housing rental project
    To help every customer realize the dream of home

    With the acceleration of construction in many places to cultivate the housing rental market, the real estate industry which used to be "heavy purchase and light rent" is gradually changing, and the housing rental market will usher in a development opportunity.

  • Beijing Internet finance new economy project
    Capital safety is efficient, see order type economy new mode

    The project establishes a new economic model, in which individuals are the independent buyers, data are linked to form large users, and orders are placed directly in advance by enterprises, so as to solve the difficult problem of financial derealization and high bad debt rate.

Beginner service guide
  • Financing should be based on the total investment scale of the project,benefit, capital cost, market risk and decide.

  • Good projects are scarce the project side should have active dialogue with the investor.

  • For example, for a project, its user group,project team, leadership, etc.

  • The Investors don't know everything,so try to present the project on site.

  • To determine the financing method and return form,returns in the form of dividends, interest, equity, etc.

Relevant industry websites

Small investments, big returns

Each of these projects, we are carefully selected; Every leading investor here is an industry elite; Start from the crowd, feel angel investment, with your vision, to win excess returns: small angel investment, become a reality from today.

Big brother leads, I follow

Have you ever imagined that someone has already helped you choose the project, look at the project, and even help you do the follow-up project management? Yes, they are the leaders. With their rich experience and keen vision, we can intervene in every good project in the most leisurely way. This time, let's play investment with the big guys!

Resources, connections, we can get everything

Starting a business requires more than just capital. Through angel crowdfunding, you can spread your project on the Internet to the greatest extent possible, attract interested investors, and quickly obtain strategic resources other than capital! A crowdfunding, resources, contacts, experience all have.

One-step financing guidance

We provide careful guidance on product, financing and team building for crowdfunding projects, and provide face-to-face communication opportunities with multiple active investors from time to time to create efficient financing channels. Yes, we always want to do more for entrepreneurs.

  • 天使投资
    Financial plan
    Project oriented financing
    Guangdong LH road bridge - municipal
    Project oriented financing

    The investment threshold is 500,000 yuan
    The investment term is 24 months
    Post update 2018-12-06
  • 股权投资
    Trust products
    Collective fund trust scheme
    Chaozhou Hengda City Project
    Collective Fund Trust Scheme

    The investment threshold is RMB 1 million
    The investment term is 8 months
    Posted on December 14, 2018
  • Private equity funds
    Pooling private equity plans
    Rich treasure assemble
    Fund trust scheme

    The investment threshold is RMB 1 million
    The investment term is 12,24 months
    Posted on December 14, 2018
  • Requirements: the CEO has a product vision, has a strong technical leader, and meets the hard requirements of a small market segment.
    Industry focus: financial travel services

    Investment Quota:10-50M
  • Requirements: the founder has ideas, perseverance, strong team execution, accurate grasp of user needs and solve the problem of profit and revenue
    Industry to watch: Internet mobile Internet game education cloud computing Android financial mobile social

    Investment Quota:10-100M
  • Requirements: the product really solve the needs of users CEO vision and open mind team members tacit understanding, strong execution!
    Industry: mobile Internet, telecom and value-added financial services

    Investment Quota:10-150M
Holographic teaching
Holographic technology brings cool visual experience to people with naked eye 3D effect. By applying holographic imaging technology and artificial intelligence voice technology, we have produced a complete set of early childhood...
Team size:3
Project phase:product r&d &Demo phase
Industry label :education training · Internet ·
Trafish inbound travel
Trafish is an internet-based online travel program that focuses on the inbound tourism market and provides customized services focusing on boutique routes and featured experiences for overseas tourists.
Team size:6
Project phase: product r&d &Demo phase
Industry label:Internet, mobile Internet, tourism
Store intelligent screen
Using Internet technology to develop a new online and offline combined media for the advertising industry -- "store intelligent screen interactive media", the customer group for the entity businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises.
Team size:20
Project phase:product r&d &Demo phase
Industry label:cultural media, Internet, mobile
Steve(USA) Founder/CEO
Worked in Citibank financial department for more than 10 years, successively worked as Citibank financial asset trading researcher, head of personal financial asset business department, senior vice President. Rich experience in financial asset trading, digital currency research, ICO and brand building.
Matthew(USA) Legal Experts
Senior blockchain fundraising attorney. 10 years of business law experience. Since 2015, I have been working in Cointelegraph blockchain company, where I have in-depth research on the law compliance issues in Lost & Lastwill Regulations, blockchain and ICO.
Gary Wang(CNA) CTO
The chief technologist at TopHacker. TopHacker is one of the largest blockchain technology platforms in China, connecting technical teams specializing in various fields with pressing issues in various industries. TopHacker has helped several blockchain teams solve problems such as core technology modules and product design, and has a deep understanding of artificial intelligence.
Christopher Liu(USA) COO
I started to engage in new retail business in 2013. I am one of the few people who have complete theories and practices of new retail business both on the platform and offline. He is proficient in e-commerce and online advertising, and used to be the senior executive of jd online new retail. He presided over the comprehensive work of online and offline entities, and realized complete digitalization and all-channel digital marketing business in the physical business.
Grace Zhang(CNA) WEB/UI engineer
Network software architecture engineer, blockchain/smart contract enterprise technology specialist. Once worked in BAT as the manager of IT project leader for more than 10 years, led a technology development team of 500 people, and possessed rich block chain and computer system technology.
Jianxin Yang Technology consultant
Master of computer, one of the earliest blockchain development experts in China, and the underlying architect of blockchain. Led the development of the first commercial public chain in China, compiled API, SDK and other related standard interfaces; Developed blockchain enterprise-level wallet, supply chain finance and other project construction; Domestic intelligent contract the earliest landing pioneer. Participated in the research and development of the internal blockchain landing project of China's first state-owned listed fortune global 500 company, mainly including enterprise welfare exchange project, b-end enterprise wallet and supply chain finance program. The main work and research direction is blockchain technology.
Yue Zhang VIPchain Marketing Consultant
Shanghai jiaotong university EMBA, 10 years of international operation experience in financial products
Yanqing Huang VIPchain Financial Investment Expert
10 years investment experience in top investment Banks, good at financial capital management and operation.
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Dec.1 2018 GMT+8—Dec.15 2018 GMT+8
Dec.16 2018 GMT+8—Dec.31 2018 GMT+8
1ETH=7500 VIP
1ETH=7300 VIP
1ETH=7000 VIP
30% bonus
20% bonus
10% bonus
Funds Use
Legal 5%
Partnerships 25%
Marketing 30%
Technology 40%
Token Allocation
Project Team 20%
Advisors 10%
Reserve 10%
Token Sale 60%
We develop solutions, design their architecture,and consult market participants. November 2018 
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Release beta October 2019 
Revision and Expansion of Version September 2020 
December 2018 We determined the pre-sale price of token, the number of hard and soft roofs.
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